Musicon - an unusual instrument from Poland

Developed by designer and musician Kamil Laszuk, Musicon is a creative interactive musical instrument. It’s designed to promote psychophysical and cognitive development in children ages 3 and up. Taking the form of a traditional barrel organ, the instrument is made of wood and is entirely analog.

Kamil Laszuk with his Musicon Musicon was conceived by Kamil Laszuk as park of his graduation thesis in 2011 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland. The project represents a fusion of its creator’s two passions: design and music. Combining a drum, xylophone and ball-bearing mill, children can easily interact with Musicon to create the sound of a whole musical band. By pushing buttons on the body of the barrel, children can change what instrument is trigged when and how often, leading to a deeper understanding of music, rhythm, logic and math. Musicon inspires and fascinates with its movement of various mechanical parts that produce sounds. Playing with Musicon engages children in activities directly linked to the development of social, motor and computational skills, and inspires them to be imaginative. 

It allows children to compose music spontaneously, seeing the immediate cause and effect of their actions through each instrument. The drum, xylophone and mill are attached to the top of Musicon using magnets, and so the order of instrument can easily be changed or swapped out for a different instrument altogether.

Musicon is suitable for private homes, general education facilities and preschools, and has also proven itself as a great therapeutic tool for children on the autism spectrum and with various physical, social and cognitive disabilities.

Musicon started its pilot program aimed at educational institutions around the World. It enables teachers and parents to teach children programming, math, physics in the fun and effective way by using the most universal language – music. Simultanously kids also boost their creativity, develop fine motor skills and learn to cooperate.

During its design phase, the instrument was displayed aro ud the World and picked up an impressive number of awards, including iF Design Award 2017, Red Dot Design Award, Core77, Polish Children Design Award and was twice nominated to INDEX: Design to Improve Life. 

Developed over 18 months of prototyping and over 12 months of testing, Musicon succeded on Kickstarter by being supported by people from 18 countries.

Musicon will appear in schools and homes in November 2017.

Source: Musicon Club