Exceptional Polish and Romanian women

Fascinating stories of 34 Polish and Romanian women who had the courage to change their countries, Europe, and the world will be on at Bucharest’s high street until 22 November 2018. Mounted by the Polish Institute in Romania, this outdoor exhibition accompanies celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Polish independence and Romania’s Great Union Day, and is shown on the fence of the Royal Palace, which houses the National Museum of Art of Romania.

The exhibition shines a spotlight on 17 Polish and 17 Romanian women who fought for independence and women’s rights, and blazed new trails in science and sport. Their mettle and determination have ensured better lives for the citizens of both countries. Many of the women whose stories are told by the Polish and Romanian Women who Changed the World exhibition are mostly unknown to the general public, albeit some stand as symbols of success in both countries.

Bucharest exhibition devoted to exceptional Polish and Romanian women “We still marvel at what the heroines of our exhibition have achieved. Brave, able, ingenious, and hardworking, they chose different ways to fight for the independence and prosperity of their homelands. They would defy stereotypes almost every day, and prove with their lives that what drove them was passion,” says Agnieszka Skieterska, Director of the Polish Institute in Bucharest, which arranged the exhibition. “It is women like these that have contributed to the sea change in Poland and Romania. Many of them also had an impact on changes taking place across the world. In a year of important Polish and Romanian anniversaries, we wanted to recall these figures using modern and graphically appealing means. Courtesy of the National Museum of Art of Romania, we are able to do it in the best location of the Romanian capital city,” she adds.

The display is also part of Romanian celebrations of the Year of Women’s Rights, which was proclaimed by the Polish Sejm to mark the centenary of full suffrage for women.

The exhibition features:

From Poland:

Cezaria Baudouin de Courtenay-Ehrenkreutz-Jędrzejewiczowa
Krystyna Chojnowska-Liskiewicz
Halina Konopacka
Karolina Lanckorońska
Janina Lewandowska
Pola Negri
Regina Salomea Pilsztyn
Helena Rubinstein
Wanda Rutkiewicz
Irena Sendlerowa
Krystyna Skarbek
Maria Skłodowska-Curie
Zofia Stryjeńska
Wanda Telakowska
Helena Wiewiórska
Elżbieta Zawacka
Narcyza Żmichowska

From Romania:

Viorica Agarici
Virginia Maria Andreescu – Haret
Ana Aslan
Maria Bălan
Sarmiza Bilcescu-Alimănișteanu
Smaranda Brăescu
Elena Caragiani-Stoienescu
Nadia Comăneci
Maria Cutarida Crătunescu
Cecilia Cuțescu-Storck
Smaranda Gheorghiu
Elena Ghica
Aurora Gruescu
Sofia Ionescu – Ogrezeanu
Elisabeta Rizea
Lucia Sturdza Bulandra
Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu