Move 2 Warsaw

Relocation of the European Banking Authority and the European Medicines Agency to Poland

Why is Warsaw the prime location for EMA and EBA Agencies?


At the Heart of Europe


With its modern infrastructure, Warsaw provides an excellent living and working environment to its residents as a vibrant, dynamic, and well-connected urban hub. Its location at the heart of Europe ensures optimal air connectivity with the rest of the continent no matter where you’re heading: London, Vienna, or Tokyo. The Chopin international airport is only 20 minutes away from the city center by rail, and Warsaw’s accessibility is complemented by a convenient transport system

For all its dynamism, Warsaw also manages to be a highly affordable place to live, comparing very favorably to other European capitals.


Excellent Livability


Warsaw offers more than just modern standards of life. It prides itself on being an ever-changing city that’s steeped in history and culture, and the eclectic combination of old and new architecture gives it a unique feel complemented by a thriving cultural scene.

Additionally, green spaces cover as much as 28% of its city’s area. Warsaw also stands out as one of Europe’s safest cities. In OECD’s 2015 education ranking, Polish primary and secondary schools came 5th in Europe. Warsaw also stands out as one of Europe’s safest cities, confirming the location’s suitability for young working professionals.


Young Talent Pool


Young and educated people are one of Poland’s most valuable resources. With over 250 000 students including almost 20 000 international students, Warsaw offers a highly skilled talent pool generating growth and innovation across a variety of sectors. 

Warsaw’s appeal as an increasingly cosmopolitan job market is reflected in the language skill set of its residents: over half of Poles speak at least one foreign language.


Financial Hub of the CEE Region


Poland has long been known for its robust, stable, and quickly developing banking sector, which plays a prominent role in global financial operations.

With 36 commercial banks, 29 branches of EU credit institutions, and 558 cooperative banks currently operating in Poland, the country offers a thriving market for international businesses as well as cross-border banking groups.


Innovative Life Sciences Sector


Poland has a long tradition of scientific research and a dynamic life sciences sector known for its high quality of applied clinical procedures, clinical drug trials, and R&D work.

Poland is home to over 100 global and Polish pharmaceutical companies which cooperate with prominent biotechnological institutes. As the largest pharmaceutical market in Central and Eastern Europe, Poland offers excellent working and research conditions for young professionals employed in the sector.


Warsaw – prime location for European Banking Authority


Stable and quickly developing banking sector offering an excellent environment for global businesses and cross-border business groups.

Biggest stock market of Central and Eastern Europe attracting a number of leading global financial institutions including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and JP Morgan.

Safe and crisis-resilient business environment with a proven track record of fostering innovation and digitalization of modern technologies across Europe.


The Kaskada office building


EBA new premises

Warsaw’s proposed location for EBA’s new seat is the Kaskada office building, which will be available from December 2018. Kaskada is situated in one of Warsaw’s most prestigious areas on 12 Jana Pawła II St., which ensures proximity to the Chopin Airport as well as convenient bus, tram, and metro connections to the city’s most central areas.

The Kaskada building comprises the rentable area of 4150 sqm and the office space of 16 000 sqm, making it a suitable location for EBA even if the Agency expands in the future. In addition to satisfying all criteria concerning the space needed for offices, meeting rooms and off-site archiving, Kaskada offers an additional asset in the form of a spacious conference room located on the top floor. 

Warsaw’s real estate is so vibrant and developed that it offers an array of similar properties that satisfy the relocation criteria. If needed, Poland is equipped to provide alternative locations that conform to the same standards. 

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Warsaw – prime location for European Medicines Agency



Dynamic life sciences sector renowned for its high quality of applied clinical procedures, clinical drug trials, patient safety, and R&D research.

Vibrant and innovative life sciences cluster of over 100 global and Polish pharmaceutical companies and prominent biotechnological institutes which coordinate their research and attract large amounts of foreign direct investment.

Skilled talent pool of over 30 000 pharmacists including young graduates from leading higher education institutions such as the Center for New Technologies at the University of Warsaw.


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EMA new premises

Warsaw proposes the Business Garden buildings for EMA’s new headquarters. Available from December 2018, this attractive complex will be situated in close proximity to the Chopin Airport in the modern office center of Warsaw on Żwirki i Wigury St. The complex satisfies all the given criteria and comprises 4 buildings with the overall office space of 56 710 sqm., which can be managed and furnished according to the Agency’s needs.

As a spacious and fully integrated location, it can easily be adjusted to provide the most optimal facilities and amenities including staff office rooms, open spaces, or meeting rooms.

Alternatively, if the Agency prefers a single building, Warsaw can offer the Warsaw Hub. The Hub will be ready in 4Q 2019 and have the rental space of 37 000 sqm. While it satisfies all of the criteria, its main appeal lies in its location.

The Hub will be situated in one of Warsaw’s most prestigious areas on Sienna/Towarowa St, offering excellent transport links with the rest of the city center for the Agency’s staff as well as visiting business partners. 

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