#Polonia100 // Experience a never-ending story!

From 11 November 2018, three teams of Romanian vloggers will be reporting online on their trip across Poland. At the invitation of the Polish Institute in Bucharest they will become: The Artists (Lipa-Lipa), The Explorers (Liviu&Ligia Boca) and The Times Travelers (Travel n’2). Join them for an unforgettable adventure.

Romanian vloggers Lipa-Lipa in Warszawa Poland has never been so accessible to Romanians as it is today. Thanks to excellent flight connections and low-cost airlines, with a bit of luck you can travel from Bucharest to Warsaw quicker and cheaper than to Timisoara or Cluj-Napoca.

“In the year that marks the centenary of Poland’s regained independence, we want Romanians to get to know our country better, its modern face, its history and nature. This is why we invited Romanian vloggers who travel around the world and discover it to join the #Polonia100 project,” said Agnieszka Skieterska, Director of the Polish Institute, which runs the campaign. “Even though our countries are close to each other and cooperate closely in many fields, not many people in Romania know that it takes only 4.5 hours to get to Poland’s border from northern Romania. Recent research by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute shows that even fewer people know that apart from Warsaw and Krakow there are also other Polish cities worth visiting,” added Ms Skieterska.

The Romanian vloggers will set out from Warsaw in three directions: The Explorers will head north, starting with Tri-City, through Masuria to Bialowieza, The Artists will explore central Poland, including Lodz and Wroclaw, and The Time Travelers will go south to such places as Krakow and Rzeszow.

Starting on 11 November, the month-long campaign will be broadcast in Romanian on the social media channels of the vloggers and also of the Polish Institute in Bucharest.

All videos from the three journeys will also be posted at www.Polonia100.ro starting 11 November 2018.

Discover Poland together with seasoned travelers.

/ Polish Institute in Bucharest

Romanian vloggers Lipa-Lipa in Łódź

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