PM Szydło: Family, growth and security are 3 pillars of gov't policy

On Tuesday, Poland's Prime Minister Beata Szydlo singled out family, development and security as the three pillars of her cabinet's policy.

Summarising the first two years of her government's tenure of office, the prime minister told reporters that "the policy of the United Right and the (ruling) Law and Justice party is based on three pillars, that is, family, development and security".

"These are the main elements of our policy", she reiterated, adding, "We have undertaken to prepare legislation and introduce schemes designed to help Polish families so that they regain the sense of decent living".

Of key importance is the government's "flagship scheme", namely the 500 Plus children's allowance, "devised personally by the Law and Justice leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski", the prime minister emphasised, paying tribute to the ruling party chairman who accompanied her at the press conference.

Following its swift introduction, the 500 Plus "is being perfectly implemented by the Family, Labour and Social Policy Minister Elzbieta Rafalska, with assistance from the Finance Ministers, first Pawel Szalamacha and now Mateusz Morawiecki", the head of government noted.

Moreover, "thanks to positive changes adopted by the finance ministry, funding for the programme is secure for years to come", Szydlo revealed.

The scheme's unique value lies in the fact that besides "affirming the family" through financial support, it also "drives forward the Polish economy", the prime minister explained.

Among other family-oriented schemes, Szydlo listed the Home Plus programme of affordable housing, "which is really taking off at the moment". Making sure Polish families can afford their own flats "is the big challenge for the latter part of our term of office", the prime minister assessed.

After introducing free medication for the seniors and making good on the electoral pledge to scrap increased retirement-age, "we are going to think about still more policies and schemes for the older people", the head of the cabinet concluded.

Source: PAP