Polish Women Humanitarians

World Humanitarian Day, established by the United Nations in 2008 and observed annually on August 19, is an opportunity to celebrate humanitarian workers who help others in the world. In 2019, a special focus is on women who work for humanitarian causes and among them, Polish #WomenHumanitarians.

1na1 Paula Gierak Fot. Archiwum PAH (2).jpg The theme of this year’s World Humanitarian Day is #WomenHumanitarians to shine light on the work of women who do not hesitate to put their lives at risk and who work in dangerous conditions to provide assistance to those affected by crisis.

It is often they who coordinate aid programmes, negotiate access to humanitarian services, organise shelter, prepare and distribute food, and create and restore safe spaces, such as schools, where children can learn and grow.

Meet Polish #WomenHumanitarians who are working daily to make a difference in Africa and the Middle East:

- Ewa Piekarska, Polish Medical Mission,

- Marta Titaniec, Club of Catholic Intelligentsia,

1na1 Ewa Piekarska Jordania fot. Grażyna Makara (2).jpg - Małgorzata Olasińska-Chart, MD, Polish Medical Mission,

- Paula Gierak, Polish Humanitarian Action,

- Agnieszka Nosowska, Polish Center for International Aid,

- Joanna Wasil and Anna Kutera, MD, Polish Center for International Aid.

and watch the short videos below to learn about their work, about the challenges they face and the motivations that drive them to help others.


Polish #WomenHumanitarians presented in the videos are part of projects supported by Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Polish Aid programme brings relief, among others, to Syrian refugees and to the most needy populations of the countries that host Syrians today, such as Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. In 2019, Poland earmarked over 4 million euros for humanitarian aid which is to reach more than 100,000 people. The total volume of Polish MFA's humanitarian aid in 2019 is estimated at around 5,8 million euros.